#WeAreFrameless Tour | Mt. Bachelor
The #WeAreFrameless Tour is all about looking forward while paying respect to the past.

There are few events in snowboarding that bring together our community for all the right reasons. The Dirksen Derby raises funds for Tyler Eklund, a talented rider that was paralyzed in a life changing snowboard incident, and it does it through the simple concept of making turns. Well that, and going fast.

Mt. Bachelor is a snowboarder's dream land. Chock full of natural terrain reminiscent of Oregon's world renowned skate parks. Their actual terrain park is perfectly manicured and unmatched in creativity. The freestyle arena already harbors over 40 features and is more reflective of a mid-winter set up. The fact that they have accomplished all of this before the new year is inspiring to say the least. Throw a little pow in the mix and we have a formula for some quality boarding.

If you haven't seen the the previous #WeAreFrameless Tour videos take a moment and get caught up as the team went all out for your viewing pleasure. From Utah into the heart of the NW. Four stops, five edits and a whole lot of good times along the way.

Blake Paul
Spencer Schubert
Blair Habenicht
Max Warbington
Gus Warbington
Brady Lem
Mark Wilson
Alex Yoder

Filmed By:
Colton Feldman
Rob Balding
Kyle Martin
Spencer Schubert

Edited By:
Colton Feldman

Huge Thanks To:
Snowboarder Magazine
Mt. Bachelor
Bachelor Parks
Andy Goggins
Pat Bridges
Parker Bohon
Tyler Orton
Alex Storjohann
Bachelor's All Star Park Crew
Paul and April Martin
Katie, Lisa, Jenny and Nate Sheldon
Jake Price and the Price Family.
James Jackson
Jeremy Nelson
Josh Dirksen
Tyler Eklund
Brad Saffin
Rick Irons
Barcus Evans
Side Effect Snowboard Shop
Skjerskaa's Ski and Snowboard Shop


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