T2i / 550D + Cotton Candy Productions Steadicam Snowboard Test
Sunshine, Banff - December 22, 2010

Shot on a Canon T2i/550D w/ Tokina 11-16mm lens w/o a filter (my lens was dirty and lens flare was a bitch, I just bought a Hoya Pro1 UV for next time). Using Philip Bloom's flat camera settings. No color correction done in post. Need to learn how to do that.

Using Magic Lantern Firmware 0.2.0 (for 1.0.9), zebra stripes and histogram helped with exposure.

All slow motion segments shot at 720p/60fps (125 Shutter) then slowed down 40% in Premiere.

Sorry if there's no real story in this video, don't know what else to say except that this was a test and that my exposure was incorrectly set for some of these shots (some over, some under) and that I didn't adjust white balance in the shade (bad me).

My rear toe strap was busted so I was a little hesitant to ride switch, aggresively and get the shots from the front of the riders (next time). Steadicam felt awesome. Just need experience with it now to get smoother shots.

Steadicam - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rTRbGXJvrA

P.S. I tried using the Hague MMC steadicam last year with the t2i and it's was absolute crap. The gimbal caused the camera to keep swinging from side to side with the wind. Highly recommend not using that steadicam for snowboarding/skiing.

Song is Feel it in My Bones by Tiesto (feat. Tegan & Sara)



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