Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Instructional Videos Overview
Here's a rad overview of our entire Snowboarding Freestyle Instructional Video Program.

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Included in this program are:

Buttery Stuff
This section is all about buttering and flatland tricks. These are tricks you can do anywhere on the mountain, with or without a park.

Riding Pow
This section is all about slaying the deep stuff.

Jumping Volume 1
This section focuses on 180s and 360s giving you all the ins and outs for learning how to spin these tricks.

Jumping Volume 2
This section is designed to take you from your first air to spinning 7’s and beyond.

Jibbing Volume 1
This section provides an in depth analysis of some basic jib tricks and handplants.

Jibbing Volume 2
This section focuses on how to alter you body for a bunch of different advanced jib tricks including front and back 1s out of 50-50’s, nosepress’s and tail presses, 4 different change-ups, Tailslide 270s, frontblunt 270s, and pretzels.

Data Disc
This disc contains mp3 audios and PDF manuals.
The audios cover jumping, jibbing, pipe, wallrides, handplants and transitions. They’re designed so that you can put them on your iPod and listen while you ride.


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